Touch Soccer 3D

Touch Soccer 3D is a first person gesture controlled 5-a-side football game. Played on a walled pitch, its the most satisfying way to score on your iPhone.

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The control system is unique, and after a couple of games you will be using swipes and flicks to run, pass shoot and tackle, as the game gets as fast and frenetic as the real thing.

The game is fully 3D, you can swerve and dip the ball, pass /shoot in any direction. And once you get the hang of it you will be curling last minute winners into the top corner in no time.

Note: for maximum performance please your device to the latest operating system


* Bluetooth 2 player (on supported systems).
* Single Match.
* World Cup: Group stages, then knockout.
* League: 10 teams playing twice.
* Challenge: 16 unique challenges, such as free kicks, penalties, volleys and other skills.
* Practice mode.


* 3D physics and visuals
* Gesture based controls: flick to kick, swipe or tilt to run.
* flick and move in 360 degrees
* volleys, headers, backheals, trapping and flick ups
* swerve and dip
* penalties and freekicks
* Landscape or portrait mode
* 32 international teams.
* Saving for each mode, so you can have a world cup, league and more all in progress at the same time.
* settings: invert swipe/run direction, auto player select on/off, match length, sound on/off, difficulty pro/semi-pro/amateur
* automatic goalkeepers
* auto player selection for good passes



“Touch Soccer 3D is one of the most innovative, unique to the platform, games that I’ve seen or played since Touchgrind.”

“The fourth game, was AWESOME… Once you get the control system, the whole thing gets very natural and it’s almost like you’re playing in a real field. The experience it’s a bit like Touchgrind, but extremely competitive. Scoring a goal feels great.” squarezero,

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